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Orchid Aesthetics is a boutique Medical Spa; we specialize in luxurious anti-aging and skin care treatments.

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Under the direction of Dr. Kerns’ knowledge and expertise, Orchid Aesthetics understands the importance of quality skin care and is transitioning towards a more natural approach to anti-aging treatments.  Join us and learn how to enhance your youth and beauty in a natural, sustainable way.


“Dr. Kerns is wonderful, she is kind and caring and very talented, with a real understanding of beauty and aging. I think a large sense of our self, our self-esteem as women is related to how we look, so being proud of one's appearance is not just skin deep, but also affects sense of self, and overall quality of life.

I know a woman in her earl 70's, whom Dr. Kerns was able to non-surgically re move about 20 years, not so much that she looks younger, which she does, but more importantly, she looks very nice. The process is not overnight, and in this case, is ongoing and it took about a year for real improvements to be noticeable.”

-Kay B

“Dr. Kerns has a real talent for enhancing the natural beauty of a face. She understands proportions like an artist. I highly recommend her.”  -Jenny V