Lip Injections

Lip injections in NYC is a procedure to enhance size of lips, re-contour, correct asymmetries giving lips more definition. Lip injections in NYC at our Orchid Aesthetics Medi Spa are performed by Dr. Roxana Kerns a Board Certified physician with over 10 years of experience. Dr. Roxana Kerns is an expert injector, who specializes in natural lip augmentation.

When to ask for Lip injections NYC?

Filler lip injections is a quick office procedure that restores youth, volume and shape in lips of any age.

What material Dr. Kerns uses for Lip Injections in NYC?

Lip injections in NYC at Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa, can be done with Restylane or Juvederm Filler, Bellotero Balance or Fat.

Dr. Roxana Kerns at Orchid Aesthetics Medi Spa NYC will combine her artful expertise with knowledge in contouring your lips to perfect Hollywood shapes !

What technique is used for lip injections in NYC?

Fillers like Restylane or Juvederm  or Bellotero can be injected in the vermilion border, giving more definition, at the wet and dry border for a plump look or directly into the red of the lip for sensual Hollywood looking lips.

How long the results last for Filler Lip Injections in NYC?

The results with lip injections in NYC are temporary( 3-6 months)and can be prolonged by using a hyaluronic ac serum from Dr. Kerns Skin Care line.

Pre and Post injection recommendations

In Preparation for lip injections in NYC you should stop smoking; do not use any anti-inflammatory drugs in the week prior to the scheduled injection day.

Icing, topical anesthetic or a dental block will be performed by Dr. Kerns according to your needs. Bruising and swelling is minimal but rarely may last as long as 3 days.

Cost of Lip Injections in NYC

The upper or lower lip may be treated alone or together with anti-aging Botox injections to smooth out perioral wrinkles. Botox Injections can be applied to the “smoker lines” of the upper lip or chin, or to the Depressor Angulis Oris muscle (to lift the corners of the mouth); they can be performed at the same time with the lip filler augmentation for an additional price.

Lip injections at Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa in NYC are just the front of our unparalleled store which can reshape any face without surgery to a youthful, glowing look.

Our Medical Spa is located in Midtown Manhattan close to Fifth Avenue and Central Park.

Request a personalized consultation with Dr. Roxana Kerns or call 212-595-1958.

Lip injections in NYC before and after

Lip injections in NYC beforeLip injections in NYC after

 Lip injections in NYC beforeLip injections in NYC after

Lip injections in NYC beforeLip injections in NYC after

 Lip injections in NYC beforeLip injections in NYC after

 Lip injections in NYC beforeLip injections in NYC after

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