Rotox at home Dermal filler

Rotox at home Dermal Filler is a needle free serum with enhanced ability to regenerate damaged skin ,with visible results in less than 2 weeks.

Rotox contains a unique Proline-Lisine-Copper Complex mixed in a suspension of Stem cells and Hyaluronic acid.

Rotox was clinically proven to deliver equivalent results of one syringe of Dermal Filler in just 2 weeks of regular twice/day use.

Stem cells in the skin are a vital source in the regeneration of new cells in different dermal layers. Throughout time, the production of stem cells begins to slow down, thus the skin begins to lose its ability in the renewal process.

Rotox, a needle free serum, fights the process of aging skin and aids in the fixing of superficial to deep wrinkles. This serum will help to strengthen the tissue in the skin in order to improve its quality and structure.
Stem cells, found in all living organisms, are a unique type of cells. This is because they are able to renew themselves and in certain cases they can be encouraged to serve a specific function. They have particular properties that aid in regeneration. By applying a serum like Rotox, we are stimulating the growth of even more stem cells. Due to their regenerative properties, you skin will look youthful and healthy.

Some benefits of Rotox, the needle free serum, are:
up to a 15% reduction in volume and appearance of wrinkles in as little as two weeks.
the firmness of the skin increases by 13x in 15 days.
it increases elastin production by 190% in as short as 11 days.
it is a painless serum that works as a substitute of injectables and neurotoxins.
Its use of hyaluronic acid helps to boost the skin’s moisture content and works against moisture loss, therefore plumping the skin.

Recommended skin types : combination, dry, normal and sensitive.

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