Rejuvenate Eyes Naturally

Rejuvenate eyes naturally

Would you agree that the eyes are the window to the soul? If so, would you also agree that wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes give an appearance that does not truly reflect who you are as a person? Here at Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa, we believe both are true. That is why we are also firm believers in natural eye rejuvenation. Dealing with the dark circles and wrinkles not only restores a more youthful appearance, it also helps those you meet see past the physical appearance of age into the soul of who you are. Even if constitutional or a genetic trait its worth fighting Dark Circles and rejuvenate eyes naturally.

Orchid’s Dr. Roxana Kerns offers eye rejuvenation treatments by way of a couple of different therapies. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about how to rejuvenate eyes naturally with PRP (plasma rich platelet) therapy. Dr. Kerns also offers eye rejuvenation with dermal fillers and fat transfer procedures or laser skin tightening.

PRP therapy

PRP therapy takes its name from the constituents of the compound the aesthetic physician injects into the dermis. If you have ever heard your GP talking about running blood tests, you might recognize that the terms “plasma” and “platelet” are directly related to the blood. It turns out that aesthetic physicians like Dr. Kerns use a patient’s own blood to derive the PRP compound and help rejuvenate your eyes

At the start of the PRP procedure, the doctor draws a certain amount of blood according to the amount needed for the given procedure. That blood is then put into a centrifuge to separate out the various components. For PRP therapy, a doctor is not interested in red or white blood cells. Instead, he or she is interested in platelets, growth factors, and proteins. Those three are separated out and added to a suspension solution for injection into the patient.

How PRP Works to Rejuvenate Eyes Naturally

Aesthetic physicians favor PRP therapy because it is a minimally invasive way to help rejuvenate the dermis and rejuvenate eyes naturally. You see, the platelets provide a way to get the growth factors and proteins directly into the foundational layers of dermis where their work can be started. Upon injection, growth factors and proteins encourage the body to produce more collagen and skin cells. This does a couple of things.

The skin cells are made available to replace those that naturally die off. The extra collagen replaces lost elasticity and gives the skin a more youthful and glowing appearance. Moreover, because the process is entirely natural, it is safe for almost everyone.

PRP therapy can help rejuvenate your eyes by eliminating those dark circles and wrinkles. If PRP alone is not enough to achieve the look you desire, Dr. Kerns can also include a dermal filler or fat transfer procedure. Both options can give extra body and volume to make your eyes look years younger and rejuvenate eyes naturally.

Do not let people get the wrong impression of who you are because of old-looking and worn-out eyes. Instead, why not reopen the windows to your soul with a proven eye rejuvenation treatment from Orchid Aesthetics to help prejuvenate your eyes? We make it easy and affordable for you to have younger looking eyes. And when your eyes look youthful, people get to see who you truly are.

So don't wait book a Free Consultation on how to rejuvenate eyes naturally at Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa.


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