Non-surgical Facelift

Thanks to a number of advancements in cosmetic surgery, fewer and fewer people are electing to go under the knife.  Instead, they are opting for methods that are not as invasive, not painful, or not as expensive.  There is a wide variety of laser facelift options available today, and most of them do not make use of the knife.

The Use of Lasers in Cosmetic Surgery

Lasers have been used in cosmetic surgery for a few decades but, in the beginning, the results were not great.  However, over time, two different methods have been perfected.

A radiofrequency or infrared laser facelift actually heats layers of skin.  This causes the inner layers to start to tighten up, and it rejuvenates the collagen structure of the skin.  Even though it does heat the skin, radiofrequency or laser facelifts are actually painless due to the saphire cooling system incorporated.

A laser treatment works the same in principle, although instead of using radio frequencies to heat the skin, it uses a tightly focused beam of infrared light.  As with radiofrequency treatments, the entire process is painless.  Because the beams are more focused, a number of aesthetic physicians prefer to use lasers than radiofrequencies.  However, patients will need more laser treatments – often, three to six treatments are needed to get full use out of the technique.Periodic treatments may also be necessarily every year or so.

The Overall Results

Once the series of treatments are complete, the patient’s face should appear younger, firmer uplifted, with less redness or pigmentation or wrinkles.  The skin will have tightened around the area that was heated, making it appear smoother.  Sagging areas will have lifted, and the skin will often have a healthier glow to it.

Our laser skin tightening system is safe for all skin types, and can predictably and effectively treat any area of the body where improvement is desired, giving a firmer, more youthful appearance. This system delivers uniform, targeted and deep heating to effectively treat the desired area, stimulating collagen remodeling and contraction. There is no downtime and allows for regular activities immediately following your skin tightening treatment. Following treatment, a new foundation of collagen is created leading to increased skin firmness.

The Ideal Patient

Laser facelifts are safe for those of any age or gender.  These are an especially good treatment for those who may have to avoid surgical facelifts for medical purposes, such as those who do not heal quickly or easily due to illness or disease.  Both men and women can undergo laser treatment and, while the general stereotype is that older people get cosmetic surgery, those in their early 30s or even younger may opt for laser treatments.

Long Term Studies

While laser facelifts are effective and much less invasive than some other methods are, no long-term studies have been done on them.  What is known is that patients may have to have repeat sessions in order to continue to look as they wish because the effects are not permanent.  However, laser facelifts can provide short-term tightening, lifting, and rejuvenating of the skin.  For those who do not want to go under the knife, so far the results show that laser facelifts are a good alternative.

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