Love your Skin





Love your skin this Holidays with a natural organic diet, medical supervised skin care regimen and a carefully appointed fitness goal.

Love your skin with a pumpkin rich meal to

  • Boost Vision. ...
  • Lower Blood Pressure. ...
  • Sleep Better. ...
  • Protect Your Muscle tone. …
  • Have a Healthier Heart.

Mashed cooked pumpkin contains more than the  National Institutes of Health's recommended daily dose of vitamin A, a must have for good night vision.

Love your skin with pumpkin fiber rich meals that can keep you full on low calories and help you loose weight. Phytosterols from pumpkin seeds lower cholesterol and improve your risk for heart disease.

Fight against cancer and promote healthy skin with free radical neutralizing powers in pumpkin carotenoids.

Keep your mind and soul on an upbeat with pumpkin's rich serotonin precursors and boost your immunity with its plentiful source of vitamin C.

Love your skin with pore refining pumpkin mask by Dr. Kerns' Skin Care: a deep cleansing mask with added vitamin E and jojoba beads. Reduce pores, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin with a pumpkin mask after a microdermabrasion or chemical peel.


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