Fat Injections

What are Fat Injections?


Fat Injections, a non surgical cosmetic procedure will enhance naturally your youth and beauty in your lips, cheeks, hands, breasts, buttocks.

Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa and Dr. Roxana Kerns are firm believers in the benefits of Fat injections in rejuvenating the entire face, with the overall effect of a Natural Facelift, or just eyes, lips, cheeks, hands, chest.

Fat injections for LIPS

Using your own fat grafted from the thighs, hips or belly can naturally enhance the youth and beauty of your lips.

The technique we use for fat injections for lips is simple, non invasive, requires no incisions or cuts. We will numb the upper and lower lip with anesthetic ( a dental block performed by Dr. Kerns) to ensure a pain free procedure. The fat is centrifuged and separated from tumescent fluid or blood and prepared for injections in lips similar to a filler injection.

Fat injections in lips is safe, pain free, minimal swelling or bruising and long lasting. You can expect to have naturally enhanced lips with fat injections for many years after the procedure. If touch ups are required Dermal Fillers can be added without any side effects in the areas of Fat injections to lips.

Fat injections in lips can be performed even if prior Dermal fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane or even Radiesse have been used to enhance lips. Fat injections in lips are not recommended if other permanent fillers like poly lactic acid, silicone, implants have been prior injected or surgically placed into the lips.

Fat injections for EYES

Also called non surgical blepharoplasty for under eyes, lower eyelids, Fat injections for eyes can correct dark circles, tired looking eyes, puffiness or even baggy eyes.

The procedure can be performed in a medical office, no incisions or cuts are required, is pain free and involves no bruising, minimal swelling.

The grafting of the fat is similar as for the lip injections, face or chest and hands. A dental block by Dr. Kerns will ensure your comfort and post procedure pain free level.

You can expect to correct with fat injections moderate to severe hollows and dark circles under the eyes, even out baggy eyes, improve severe wrinkles under the eyes.

Fat injections for eyes or non surgical blepharoplasty can be done concomitantly with PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma injections. PRP and growth factors in your blood will give longevity to the grafted fat and rejuvenate the superficial wrinkles.

Fat injections for Full Face, Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds, Chest and Hands

Similar grafting and transfer techniques are employed for fat injections in your Face, Cheeks, Chest, Hands.

The ultimate results is to add volume, enhance, contour, lift, firm, improve wrinkles.

A natural Facelift can be expected with Fat injections to Full Face. Dr. Roxana Kerns is an expert injector in Dermal Fillers and Fat injections.

Fat Injections Pricing

Lips- $1800

Eyes- $1800

Cheeks- $2800

Eyes and Lips- $3200

Full Face- $4500

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