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Skin Care and Facial treatments are an art, therefore, we carefully recommend our products to fit your needs  with guaranteed results.

Dr. Kerns Skin Care line includes a variety of medical based formulations, incorporating highly concentrated natural ingredients and botanical nutrients by Thalgo marine.

Get a flawless youthful skin with one of our 

Facial treatments:


  • The Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation – $3995601_Retinol 10X

Deep cleansing and exfoliation with medical grade microsphere beads and incorporated fruit/green tea extracts is followed by a cosmetic acupuncture facelift and radio frequency lifting: very thin professional, single use acupuncture needles are precisely placed into your dermis to enhance your natural collagen, reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity and firmness.  A marine oxygen mask with 5 types of algae to calm inflammatory redness and protect against stress oxidants and facial massage completes your Ultimate facial rejuvenation. More than a wrinkle treatment in NYC, the ultimate facial rejuvenation is an amazing natural skin care experience where you tone, relax and balance your energy level all in one.

  • Laser rejuvenation and Firming facial – $950 vit chq

A true Facelift before special events only available through our Medi Spa Skin Care: we clean and hydrate the face first, and perform a laser rejuvenation treatment by Sciton Skin Tight which strengthens and firms the collagen with powerful lifting effects. We than exfoliate the skin, and perform a 20 minute shoulder and facial massage along with applying a firming mask. Along with a wrinkle treatment in NYC you can experience a true Laser or Stem cell facelift.

  • IPL and cold Marine/Collagen facial – $499                       

Rejuvenate the skin by performing a laser IPL photo facial to treat wrinkles, rosacea, sun damage or spots, and complete the treatment with a deep cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage and Collagen mask. You can add microdermabrasion to deeply exfoliate and help get rid of sun spots. Pamper yourself with a unique marine skin care treatment to treat pigmentation and brighten your skin. Only available at Orchid Aesthetics Medi Spa Skin Care.


  • Exceptional Eye Treatment – $85     collagen_eye_roll-on                          

A non-surgical eye lift with minute Botox injections, anti puffiness eye mask and lymphatic massage to a bright youthful eye look. Corrects dark circles, wrinkles and improves elasticity. The line is unique to correct the most difficult hyper-pigmentation of the skin and dark circles under the eyes in less than 3 months. Add Botox Cosmetic for $245


  • Terre Mer Organic facial – $185 anti-aging_concentrate

Instant beauty results with this organic aquatic skin care treatment where essential oils hydrate, and nourish the skin to a radiant complexion. 100% organic, after 1 treatment you’ll feel and look few years younger, your complexion will glow.

  • Marine Firming treatment – $245

This expert Marine firming skin care treatment strengthens the bond between the epidermis and dermis, improves the collagen texture of the skin and fights effectively against sagging skin. With algae extracts and medical grade peptide concentrate for a deep collagen rejuvenation. Includes deep cleansing and exfoliation.

  • Oxygenating Marine Vitality Facial – $170

For sluggish, dull stressed skin affected by internal and external pollution. With complex oxygen infusion blast by ImageDerm, oxygen foam and oxygen enriched mask;  fights oxidative stress, revives skin texture and brightens skin. Includes deep cleansing and exfoliation. The best wrinkle treatment in NYC :addresses fine wrinkles, clogged pores restores vitality to face and skin.

  • Mini-Facial 30 minutes – $95

Personalized skin care evaluation and treatment. Perfect lunch facial.

  • Thalgodermyl Acne Facial – $195thalgodermyl_purifying_extracts

Deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by intensive treatment with Marine Controlamine antibacterial serum from algae and Glycolic acid/Benzoyl Peroxide mask to an instant improvement of your acne followed by Marine vitamins infusion to hydrate and revitalize your skin. Add a mandelic chemical peel or Blue light laser treatment for additional $80. We cure acne in one month: home care regimen, blue light laser and thalgodermyl peel facial. Must wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure after treatment.

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