Cellulite or Body Slim

Cellulite is more than a beauty concern:is an expression of healthy life style, solid genes and natural skin care.

DR. KERNS, AT ORCHID AESTHETICS MEDICAL SPA will shrink the most resistant fat pockets and render YOU Cellulite Free!

Cellulite and Non Surgical Body Slim how to:


From a scientifically acknowledged weight loss program to cutting edge technology ultrasound body contouring, our non surgical Body Slim is an all inclusive physician supervised program that renders you Cellulite Free.

Non Surgical Body Slim is a comprehensive individualized program that takes care of you at all levels:

  • Nutrition : Physician supervised metabolic analysis, weekly coaching and personalized diet modification
  • Lipotropic B12 injections: Combination of B12 vitamin with lipotropic aminoacids that melt the fat faster and dissolve cellulite
  • VibraSlim: a platform that increases lymphatic drainage of fatty acids and the strength of the muscles
  • Ultrasound Cavitation : ultrasound waves penetrate into deep dermis and subcutis to shrink fat cells from cellulite pockets
  • MASSAGE THERAPY to increase LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE or for an overall feeling of relaxation and completeness.


Dr. Kerns at Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa has developed a program: Non surgical Body Slim that fights the most resistant superficial ( cellulite) or deep pocketed fat cells whether on your stomach, arms, legs or buttocks.

  • Using non invasive, cutting edge technology we allow our clients to see their dreams come true
  • The results are extremely efficacious and you can loose inches and get rid of cellulite within just one month
  • Body Slim is based on ultrasound cavitation a non-surgical lipo shrink that ensures fat loss, is painless and FDA approved

What is Ultrasound cavitation?

High Frequency Ultrasound Cavitation, the basis of  Body Slim utilizes cutting edge technology that helps increase lymphatic drainage, remove cellulite, shrink fat cells in a single 45 minute treatment.

Are there restrictions after the treatment?

There are no restrictions, you may resume your daily activity immediately after the treatment. Use cautious in drinking alcoholic beverages during the treatment and hydrate very well.

Is it painful?

Compared to Cool Laser, Smart Lipo and other surgical interventions Dr. Roxana Kerns program is pain free , does not leave any scars and keeps you comfortable at all times.

What real customers say about Ultrasound Cavitation?

“It took 3 treatments to see up to 3-4 inches gone from my love handles but it was easy, pain free and very natural!”.

” I finally got the wait I always wanted : in 6 sessions but I lost almost 5 inches , I highly recommend the treatment”.

” It works well on cellulite if you drink and eat healthy at the same time and learn few exercises to maintain results”.