PRP therapy NYC

Why PRP therapy NYC? Platelet rich plasma or PRP therapy NYC  is a fairly new type of treatment that uses platelets from a person’s blood to create a gel that encourages the body to create more collagen.  First, platelets and fibrin are removed from the patient’s blood after the blood has been spun in a centrifuge.  They…
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Concierge membership

Add a Doctor to Your Family with Concierge Membership Orchid Aesthetics medical Spa and its Concierge Membership bring the science of beauty directly to you—in the comforts of your own home. Along with many concierge practices that exist for regular medical care (primary care), there are concierge practices in Aesthetics field. Our board certified physician…
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Non-surgical Facelift

Thanks to a number of advancements in cosmetic surgery, fewer and fewer people are electing to go under the knife.  Instead, they are opting for methods that are not as invasive, not painful, or not as expensive.  There is a wide variety of laser facelift options available today, and most of them do not make…
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