Facial Treatments

  Skin Care and Facial treatments are an art, therefore, we carefully recommend our products to fit your needs  with guaranteed results. Dr. Kerns Skin Care line includes a variety of medical based formulations, incorporating highly concentrated natural ingredients and botanical nutrients by Thalgo marine. Get a flawless youthful skin with one of our  Facial treatments:…
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PRP & Bone Density

PRP and Bone density is based on scientific clinical research showing PRP treatments (Platelet Rich Plasma) enhance healing and bone density. Physicians have been using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection to aid the healing of bones after spinal injury and soft tissue recovery since the mid nineties. Although there is still no strong evidence, several…
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Stem Cell Facelift NYC

Stem Cell Facelift NYC why and how? One of the oldest cosmetic medicine practice in the United States, surgical facelift, is threatened to disappear . Rather invasive with the potential for severe downtime and complications, surgical facelift is transitioned by aesthetic physicians into less invasive facelift procedures, including PRP, Fat and Stem Cell Facelift NYC. At Orchid Aesthetics, our…
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